Whether you’re a seasoned farmer eyeing an additional venture or a total beginner to poultry farming, raising ducks could be the starting point you’re looking for. Ducks are primarily raised for different reasons—ornamental, for meat, or for their eggs—and different breeds are better at certain aspects than others. If the last one is what appeals to you the most, this list of the best duck breeds for eggs will help you get up and running.

1. Pekin

The Pekin (along with the Mallard) is probably the most popular duck breed in the United States. And for good reason—they typically produce the biggest eggs. Aside from being great egg-producers, Pekin ducks are excellent meat ducks, too. They’re blocky, large, and generally disease-resistant. Pekins are also considered by many as the fastest-growing duck breed.

2. Khaki Campbell

Khaki Campbells produce the most eggs out of any breed, but their eggs aren’t as big as Pekin eggs. Although Campbell eggs are, on average, about 15 grams lighter than Pekin eggs, they’re still bigger than your average chicken egg.

If you have limited space on your farm, the Khaki Campbell is a good choice because they are small birds. They also prefer to be part of smaller flocks (less than 200 birds), so take note of this when planning out your poultry farm’s arrangement.

3. Indian Runner

The Indian Runner breed produces bluish-green eggs, but at a smaller number per year compared to many other breeds. Size-wise, their eggs are pretty similar to chicken eggs.

Indian Runners sit at the lightweight side just like Campbells. Moreover, they’re good gardeners and help control bugs on your farm.

4. Buff Orpington

The Buff is a medium-sized duck that lays fewer eggs than any of the breeds mentioned above. However, they can still produce a good number and at a good size. Buffs are ideal meat birds given their slightly-bigger build, too.

5.Welsh Harlequin

The Welsh Harlequin is another lightweight breed that produces an impressive number of eggs per year. They’re also pretty versatile — with broody hens that make breeding for ducklings possible, as well. They have a calm and friendly disposition and are great foragers, too.

So, which duck breed are you leaning towards getting so far? Sound off in the comments below!